Mai Home stylish Lacquered Furniture and Lamps


Innovative and creative designs reinforced by impeccable lacquer finishing

Mai Home brings you “Works of Art : exquisite lacquer furniture and lacquer lamp that are the marriage of creation and craftsmanship. Mai Home collection includes Lacquered Table lamp, Lacquered Floor Lamp, and many types of Lacquered Furniture for the living and dining rooms, such as Lacquered TV Cabinet, Lacquered Sideboard, Lacquered Coffee Table, Lacquered Dining Table, etc.

The designs of Mai Home lacquered lamps and furniture are unique and multi-faceted: they create an ambience, evoke a lifestyle and highlight your home. Whether seductive or provocative, conceptual or decorative, traditional or modern, our lacquered furniture and lamps will be beautiful additions to your home. They will illuminate your life and style. Mai Home creative design work, reinforced by impeccable finishes, has resulted in a balance among lines, shapes, materials, lacquer patterns and colors. Unique lacquer patterns and finishings define Mai Home's distinctive style. With glossy and smooth lacquer surface reflecting light like a mirror, our lacquered lamps and lacquered furniture are true representatives of the TRADITIONAL LACQUER SCHOOL and the perfection of the “brilliant”.

At Mai Home, Lacquer is an "Art"

Our lacquer lamp, lacquer furniture and lacquer accessories are entirely handcrafted by skilled artisans selected for their quality mindset. In our lacquer atelier, expertise takes precedence over machines: the use of proven tools and techniques passed on by previous generations is the rule. In the heat and dampness of Vietnam, our lacquer artisans work only with their hands to make each lacquered lamp and lacquered furniture undergo the desired transformation. This is an industrious art without being industrial. Patience, attention to detail, right gestures: they are simple but fascinating acts that produce “works of art”, creative lamps and furniture made of genuine and traditional lacquer.

Impeccable finishings are achieved through top quality materials and skilled craftsmanship. Our lamps and furniture are made of first grade MDF wood and the surface is finished using Vietnam traditional lacquering technique. The beautiful, smooth and glossy mulyi-layer lacquer surface is the result of a 6-week lacquering process, following Vietnam traditional lacquer technique while adopting modern materials and lacquer paint. Our lacquer products are beautiful yet durable.

Our lamps meet rigorous electrical safety and norms

Mai Home lamp components comply with electrical standards and norms of many countries, such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe, etc. All our lamps have been certified by the French certification company Bureau Veritas / LCIE for CE norms and CE marking. Depending on your delivery address, we could mount the right electrical components and plugs for your country and will coordinate with you to confirm these electrical options.