Mai Home Décor’s lacquered furniture, lacquered lamps, lacquered trays, and lacquered boxes are entirely handcrafted by skilled lacquer artisans selected for their quality mindset.
In our lacquer atelier, expertise takes precedence over machines: the use of proven tools and techniques passed on by previous generations is the rule. In the heat and dampness of Vietnam, our lacquer artisans work with their hands to make the lacquered object undergo the desired transformation. This is an industrious art without being industrial.
Patience, attention to detail, accurate and repeated gestures: they are simple and fascinating acts that produce “works of art”, our creative lamps, furniture, and home decor accessories made of genuine and traditional lacquer.

“This is an industrious art without being industrial”

Impeccable lacquer finishing is achieved through top quality materials and excellence in lacquer crafts production.
The carcasses of our lacquered products are made of MDF engineered wood, HDF engineered wood, solid wood, mica, resin, or fiberglass. The carcass surface is then finished with lacquer using Vietnam traditional lacquering technique.
The final beautiful, smooth, and glossy lacquer surface is the result of Vietnamese traditional lacquering, a process which could take more than 100 days to complete as one builds successive lacquer layers on top of one another, each layer with its defined composition and purpose. Up to 16 different lacquer layers could be applied on a lacquered product.

On one hand, Mai Home Décor has adopted modern raw materials and lacquer paints to improve the quality of its lacquerware in terms of water tightness, sealing, surface hardness, surface adhesion, ability to maintain colors under light exposure without yellowing, etc.
On the other hand, Mai Home Décor has kept the same ancient lacquering technique and process passed on by previous generations, whereby each lacquer layer is manually applied and then sanded to achieve water tightness, prevention of paint migration, smoother surface, and mirror-like polished finish. Careful visual inspections and hand feeling checks at each stage of the production process ensure consistent high quality.


All our lamps are CE certified in terms of electrical design and electrical assembling. We only use CE certified electrical components and strictly ensure the electrical safety of our lamps.
The lampshades of our lacquered lamps are made of fine materials and textiles imported from France.