Our lacquer furniture, lacquer lamps, lacquer trays, and lacquer boxes need to harmonize with various home decoration styles. We work with a wide range of trendy colors used in interior design to achieve such harmonization.

We continuously create and develop new lacquer patterns and innovative material finishes, such as faux-shagreen, faux-python, faux-raffia, silver leaf, eggshell, etc. to design or decorate stylish lacquered furniture, lacquered lamps, and lacquer accessories.

Over the years, we have created a wide range of sophisticated, elegant, beautiful, and stylish lacquer patterns and special material finishes. Some examples of our lacquer patterns are marble lacquer, snakeskin lacquer, brushed lacquer, washed lacquer, swirled lacquer, cloud lacquer, patina lacquer, etc. Examples of our special material finishes are silver leaf, eggshell, seashell, faux-shagreen, faux-boa, faux-croc, faux-linen, etc.

Today, our collection of finishing comprises more than 30 different families of lacquer patterns or material finishes. Each of these 30 finishing types is available in a wide range of colors, therefore the combination is almost limitless.