Mai Home Décor can perform Contract Manufacturing for Brand Owners who have limited or no capability to produce lacquer furniture, lacquer lamps, or lacquer home decor accessories. Mai Home would entirely produce the lacquer product created by the Brand Owner, who keeps the ownership and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the product.
The benefit for Brand Owners is to leverage Mai Home Décor fully-fledged and specialized lacquer factory and its engineering and manufacturing know-how in developing and producing high quality lacquerware, including complex mixed-material products incorporating onto lacquer brass, stainless-steel, or special materials and textures.

Another benefit for Brand Owners is to leverage onto their products Mai Home Décor wide range of lacquer patterns and material finishes, including proprietary ones. This allows Brand Owners to choose special material finishes and lacquer patterns which are different from those of the mainstream market. By doing so, they can create attractive and differentiated products via innovative material and lacquer finishes.

We have long experience working with Brand Owners and they represent an increasing part of our business. We value confidentiality and respect intellectual property rights. Some of the most prestigious and established Brand Owners in the USA and Europe in Furniture and Home Décor have been partnering with Mai Home for more than 8 years to produce their luxury lacquered products. They have high standards and demands, and require the highest lacquer quality for their products.
If you are a Brand Owner who wants to have its existing or new lacquer products be produced by a reliable and knowledgeable lacquer ware producer such as Mai Home Décor, please contact us.



Both parties enter a Contract Manufacturing Agreement, which includes Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality, and IPR clauses, as well as typical commercial agreement terms such as prices and lead times. The Brand Owner shares with Mai Home Décor its detailed product drawings and specifications from the product creation work. Mai Home Décor then develops the product and produces a sample / prototype which needs to meet the product requirements and specifications set forth. The Brand Owner must validate the sample before a commercial order is accepted. Only then can commercial orders be confirmed and produced by Mai Home Décor.