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 (Vide-poche tray)
- REVERSO is a very innovative vide-poche tray featuring a 180-degree-swinging lid.
- REVERSO has a unique "mischievous and playful" feature: one side of its lid shows a woman undressing for her bath whereas the other side of the lid shows a man in tuxedo watching her in secret. A surprising and attractive allusion...
- UV printing technique on lacquered medium is used to print both sides of the lid whereas the rest of the exterior surface is hand-crafted in a beautiful black lacquer. The interior of the vide-poche tray is lined with burguncdy red velvet.
- Placed on a console at your entrance, REVERSO is a stuning yet practical home decor accessory to temporarily store small items out of your pockets when you are back home.
- Materials : MDF Engineered Wood and Lacquer; faux-suede.
- Dimensions  (W x D x H) : 285 x 156 x 60 mm

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