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Lacquer Bar Cabinet

- GABY is a luxury lacquered bar cabinet, highly popular among Mai Home's fine Lacquer furniture. It will add a sophisticated touch to any living room or dining room.
- The source of GABY's originality is its removable lacquered tray serving as its cabinet top: when the tray is removed, it reveals an access from the top to its storage compartment for bottles and glasses. The underneath drawers provide additional space to store bar accessories and cutlery.
- Beautiful custom-made brass handles forming a vertical line of "gold bars" are the design focus of this attractive lacquered cabinet.
- GABY is finished with multiple colors and textures: beautiful handcrafted brown and gold Snakeskin lacquer, brown faux-python skin, Dark Brown lacquer are used to make GABY a stylish lacquered furniture.

- Materials: MDF/HDF Engineered Wood, Faux python, Brass, Lacquer, Velvet
- Dimensions (W x D x H):  560 x 420 x 780 mm

Inquiry and price:
- We do not stock this product but can produce it on order. The above price excludes delivery and is indicative for a make-to-order production of 1 piece.
- Please inquire about make-to-order and finishing customization: we will reply with final price, delivery time, and shipping cost.