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Lacquer Console

- PRIMA Lacquered console features a stunning geometric design made of 2 rectangular frames arranged in perpendicular directions. Its transversal brass-finish metal frame serves as a decorative and functional leg to the large longitudinal lacquered console frame. Such design bestow a contemporary and stylish silhouette on PRIMA.
- PRIMA Lacquered Console will add a modern and elegant touch to any hallway or dining room.
- On the displayed pictures, PRIMA is finished with beautiful handcrafted Black lacquer. It showcases the sublime association of Lacquer and Brass on Lacquer Furniture.

- Materials: MDF/HDF Engineered Wood, Stainless Steel, Lacquer
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 1400 x 430 x 830 mm

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- We do not stock this product but can produce it on order. The above price excludes delivery and is indicative for a make-to-order production of 1 piece.
- Please inquire about make-to-order and finishing customization: we will reply with final price, delivery time, and shipping cost.