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Lacquer Painting

Description - THE KISS represents gold lips in abstract representation. - This lacquer painting is hand painted by an artistic lacquer painter who uses old / ancient lacquering art techniques. The painting is handcrafted with gold silver leaf lacquer on black lacquer.

Specifications - Materials: MDF/HDF Engineered Wood, Steel hanging cleat, Lacquer - Dimensions (W x D x H): 1200 x 40 x 800 mm

Enquiry and price - We do not keep stock of this product, so please enquire about price and lead time. - The price mentioned above is an indicative ex-works price excluding delivery fees for a "make-to-order" production based on a Minimum Order Quantity of 1. - We will send a quote with product price, specifications, door delivery fees, and lead time. - The product shall be made to order with the possibility to customize Colors / Finishing.

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